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False Alarms Policy

Effective June 1, 2012, the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office will collect a $50 fee for more than two false alarms in the same calendar year at the same residence or business. Recently, we have experienced several false alarms from homes and local businesses. Each alarm must be treated as a potential criminal incident and officers respond accordingly. These false alarms are distracting and costly to the agency. Therefore, we will absorb the cost of two false alarms at the same location in a calendar year but will charge for any false alarm that year above two. This policy is effective June 1, 2012, and is not retroactive. For 2012, the “free” false alarms will begin June 1st.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to answer all alarms and there will be no charge for alarms representing an actual unauthorized intrusion/fire/freezing/etc into residential or commercial premises. Any citizen who wishes to discuss this policy is invited to contact the Sheriff at 970.944.2291.

Signed, Sheriff Ron Bruce May 30, 2012

Bobbi McDonald, Office Manager, caught this mammoth Mac recently at Blue Mesa Reservoir. Bobbi consistently out fishes the rest of the staff.

Denim Starnes harvested his 20th Bull Elk (the sixth with a bow and arrow) in the 2014 season. Hard work and years of experience produce a fine looking bull like this.

Our Mission Statement
To ensure a safe and secure environment for all persons in Hinsdale County by providing professional law enforcement through responsive, caring, and dedicated service.

All Fire Restrictions Have Been Removed For The Unincorporated Areas Of Hinsdale County 07-19-2013

Current Closures
TRAVEL ADVISORY: Please remember that the weather changes quickly at high altitudes. Please check with the Hinsdale County Sheriff's Office (970.944.2291) for current road conditions.

Most County roads are  open but please remember that snow can accumulate quickly so be prepared to turn around if the roads look too difficult for your vehicle. Always carry a small shovel in your vehicle when driving in the mountains. Engineer and Cinnamon passes are both CLOSED.  

In 2014, there were three cases of vehicles stuck in the mud at the top of Wager Gulch road past Carson. Please note that what may appear as a small mud puddle can be a very deep hole at high altitudes. Do not assume that your four wheel drive vehicle can go through whatever you encounter. The tow truck bill from up there can be very large.

Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR)

What does the CORSAR card cover?

The card is not insurance. It does not pay medical transport which includes helicopter flights or ground ambulance. The card will allow reimbursement to county sheriffs for costs incurred on a mission.  These costs can include mileage, meals, replacement of lost equipment, reimbursement for gasoline, rental fees for equipment, horses, ATVS or aircraft that are used in a search. If the aircraft then becomes a medical transport due to a medical emergency, the medical portion of the transport is not covered.

Cards available at the Sheriff's Office
1 Year      $1.00
5 Years    $3.00

This is a link to the Sheriff's Honor Guard presenting a 21 gun salute at the memorial service held 09/27/14 for the late Deputy Pat Holley.


Please copy and paste this link to your browser.

Child Abuse Hotline: To report Child Abuse and Neglect call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-844-CO-4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437) to report concerns about a child’s safety and well-being.  If it is an emergency or you are witnessing a child in a life-threatening situation, call 911 immediately.

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY: To check the registry for the State of Colorado and/or Lake City, please go to: https://www.colorado.gov/apps/cdps/sor/index.jsf
and click SEARCH then MAP. 

Gun Safety: To get good tips for gun safety for your family and in your home, please go to www.projectchildsafe.org.

CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMITS: If you are interested in obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit, please call the Sheriff's Office at 970.944.2291 for information. To review statewide data on CHPs, go to www.csoc.org and click on "Home" then "Concealed Handgun Permits". That website has other interesting information supplied by the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

OHV ordinances: The Town of Lake City now allows all OHVs to drive on all town streets. Please observe the normal rules of the road and be courteous to other drivers. All OHV operators anywhere in Hinsdale County must have a valid Driver's License or Operator's Permit and must carry standard motor vehicle liability insurance.


Elder Fraud: Defrauding our older citizens is increasing as new techniques are developed by the criminals to defraud people of their money. A quick review of these dangers is available at http://ctech.link/elder-fraud. 

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